How to use “Go” in Japanese.

Hey guys todays topic is Go & Went. Before I start explain about how to use go and went, I will teach a defamation of “Go”

Go (Deformation list)

Present is call 現在形(Genzaikei) →Going

Past is call 過去形 (Kakokei).→Went

Past participle is call 過去分詞 (Kakobunshi) →Gone

Third person singular present is call 三人称単数現在 (Sanninshou tansuu) →Goes

Plural is call 複数 (Hukusuu) →Goes(名詞)MEISHI

Superlative is call 最上級 (Saijoukyu) →Goest


I recommend to learn Japanese that you shuold study “Go and Went” first because this is most we using in Japan. However, 

 (meaning) OF GO

Go and Goingは主に→ 行く(Iku), 向かう(Mukau), 通う(Kayou), 進む(Susumu), 移動する(Idousuru)

Wentは主に→ 行った(Itta), 向かった(Mukatta), 通った(Kayotta), 進んだ(Susunda), 移動した(Idoushita)


The most popular sentenses with using Go. 

1. I go to school → 私は学校に行く(Watashi wa Gattkou ni iku)


2. Did you go to school ? → 学校行った?(Gakkou itta?)


3. Why you didn’t go to school ? → 何で学校行かなかったの?(Nande gakkou ikanakattano?)


4. Can I go to the bathroom? → トイレ行ってもいいですか?(Toilet ittemo iidesuka?)


5. Can you go to post office to pick up letter ?→ 郵便局に手紙取りに行ける?(Yuubinkyoku ni tegami torini ikeru?)


6. Where did you go ? → どこ行ったの?(Doko itta no?)


7. Lets go home → 家に帰ろう(Ieni kaerou)


8. I want to go to the beach ? → ビーチに行きたい(Beach ni ikitai)


9. Can I go inside? → 中に入ってもいいですか?(Nakani haittemo iidesuka?)


10. Go away → あっち行って(Attchi itte)


The most popular sentences with using “went” 

1. I went to the school yestarday → 私は昨日学校に行った(Watashi wa kinou gakkou ni itta)


2. I went to the airport to pick up my brother → 空港に私の兄弟を迎えに行った(Kukou ni watashi no kyoudai wo mukae ni itta.)


3. I went back home → 私は家に帰った(Watashi wa ie. ni kaetta)


4. When I went to → 行った時(Itta toki)


5. When I went to Tokyo, I met her → 東京に行った時彼女に会った(Tokyo ni itta toki kanojo ni atta)


6. Please explain to me what went wrong → 何が間違っていたのか私に説明して(Nani ga machigatte itanoka setsumei shite)


7.The call went through → 電話が繋がった(Denwaga tsunagatta)


8. It went well → うまくいった(Umaku itta)


9. The price went up → 値段が上がった(Nedan ga agatta)


10. The lights went out → 電気が消えた(Denki ga kieta)


Thank you guys for  checking my page, I hope help you to learn Japanese.

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