What is difference between Hiragana and Katakana?

What is difference between Hiragana and Katakana?

Japanese has 3 alphabet which is Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. 

Hiragana and Katakana are easy to studying because we do have only 46 characters. However, Kanji is more than 2,136 characters.

This is my recommendation of learning Japanese. First if you are beginner of Japanese, you should start with Hiragana and Katakana first. After you completed Hiragana and Katakana then start Kanji.

Therefore, Kanji is the one of hardest letter in the world. So even though no one completed Kanji in Japan. 


HIRAGANA (Basic 46 letters called GOJUON)

あ a い i う u え e  お o
か ka き ki く ku け ke こ ko
さ sa し shi す su せ se そ so
た ta ち chi つ tsu て te と to
な na に ni ぬ nu ね ne の no
は ha ひ hi ふ hu へ he ほ ho
ま ma み mi む nu め ne も mo
や ya ゆ yu よ yo
ら ra  り ri る ru れ re ろ ro
わ wa を wo ん n


This is basic of Hiragana that we use. However, Hiragana is the most easiest character in Japanese. For example, when we tried to write difficult word of Kanji but we did not know that Kanji we can recover with Hiragana. No matter what it words you can use Hiragana. 


Katakana (Basic 46 letters)

ア a イ i ウ u エ e オ o
カ ka キ ki ク ku ケ ke コ ko
サ sa シ si ス su セ se ソ so
タ ta チ chi ツ tsu テ te ト to
ナ na ニ ni ヌ nu ネ ne ノ no
ハ ha ヒ hi フ hu ヘ he ホ ho
マ ma ミ mi ム mu メ me  モ mo
ヤ ya ユ yu ヨ yo
ラ ra リ ri ル ru レ re ロ ro
ワ wa ヲ wo ン N


This is basic of Katakana letters that we use in Japan. However, Katakana is  use for foreign words and expressions. For example, New York (ニューヨーク) we not use Hiragana and Kanji for NY. 


TOP 10 A using Katakana phrases. 

1. This is a computer これはコンピューター (Kore wa computer)


2. I am French 私はフランス人です ( Watashi wa France jindesu)


3. Are you Tom? あなたはトムですか? (Anatawa Tom desk?) > Tom is not Japanese name. So that is why we use Katakana.


4. My business is going well 私のビジネスはうまくいってる (Watashi no business wa umaku itteru)


5. Did you send me a message? 私にメッセージ送りました? (Watashi ni message okurimashita?)


6. Do you have Instagram? インスタグラムある?(Instagram aru?)


7. I like America 私はアメリカがすき (Watashi wa America ga suki)


8. I took a Taxi 私はタクシーに乗った( Watashi wa Taxi ni notta)


9. Do you play soccer? あなたはサッカーをやってますか?(Anata wa soccer wo yattemasuka?)


10. My hobby is playing the piano 私の趣味はピアノをひくこと (Watashino shumi wa piano wo hikukoto)






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