How to use “More, Many and Much” in Japanese.

If you have Much money, what would you do?? In english easy to use word of Much but in Japanese we not often use this kind of sentence. 

However, before start you should memories two things that is countable noun and uncountable noun. 

Countable noun is call 可算名詞(Kasan Meishi) 

Uncountable noun is call 不可算名詞(FU Kasan Meishi)

I guess every one know these meaning but I will explain a little, Countable noun is you can count. For example, People and Products. Uncountable noun id you cannot count. For example, Water an Money… Because I am rich. 


Meaning Of More, Much, Most, Many and A lot. 

More is (もっと Motto、より多く Yorio oku、それ以上の Sore Ijyou、~よりも Yorimo) However, More is countable noun. 


Much is (多くの Ookuno、はるかに Harukani、たくさんTakusan) However, Much is uncountable noun.


Many is (たくさん Takusan、多数 Tasuu) However, Many is countable noun. 


Most is (最も多い Motto mo ooii、最大数 Saidai suu)However, Most is you can use countable nuon and uncountable sentence. Most is usually when you want to emphasize you can say Most. 


A lot of  is (たくさん Takusan、多い Ooi、多くの Ookuno)However, A lot of is you can use countable nuon and uncountable sentence.


More, Much, Many, Most and A lot of phrases.


I need more time →もっと時間が必要(Motto jikan ga hitsuyou)

I wish I had more time →もっと時間があれば良かったのに(Motto jikan ga areba yokatta no ni)

I have a few more questions → 後いくつか質問があるのですが(Ato ikutsu ka shitsumon ga arunodesuga)


I have so much money → 私はたくさんお金を持っている(Watashi wa takusan okanewo motteiru)

Too much traffic → 渋滞が凄すぎる(Jutai ga sugosugiru)

I had so much fun → 凄く楽しかった(Sugoku tanoshi katta)


So many people → たくさんの人(Takusan no hito)

How many dogs do you have? → あなたは何匹犬を飼っていますか?(Anatawa nanbiki inu o katte imasuka)

Japan doesn’t have as many people as China →日本は中国ほど人がいない(Nihon wa Chuugoku hodo hito ga inai)


This is the most expensive house in the world → この家は世界一値段が高い家です(Kono ie wa sekai ichi nedanga takai ie desu)

She is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen → 彼女は私が見た中で最も美しいです(Kanojyo wa watashiga mita nakade motto mo utsukushii desu)

He is the most richest guy in the world → 彼は世界一お金持ちです(Kare wa sekai ichi o kanemochi desu)

A lot of

There is lots of snow →雪がたくさん降っている(Yuki ga takusan futte iru)

I have lots of friends → 私は大勢の友達がいる(Watashi wa oozei no tomodachi ga iru)

You know a lot of information → あなたはたくさんの情報を知っている(Anatawa takusan no jyouhou wo shitteiru) 


Thank you guys for checking my page. I hope this page help you to learn Japanese. Also I have Instagram that is you can learn Japanese as well. So please check it out.

See You Soon…. 


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