How to use “How, What and When”(使いやすいフレーズ編)

今日はHow, What and When を使ったフレーズを教えます。


Hey guys. Today’s topic are how to use “How, What and When” words. 

However, I will tell you guys about how I studied in english. I moved to the USA when I was 19, at the time I  had tough time to studiyg English because my first languge is Japanese.

Japanese and english are totally different, like writing and speaking something like that. but you cannot give up, if you want to make a friend or learn culture right? 

Before I will tell you guys one thing that I am not professional english and still learning. So sometime you may not understood, please let me know. Thank you. 


This is my recommendations of how to study Japanese

1. First You should study speaking part because Japanese are very hard to writing and reading. 

2. Watch Japanese anime every day with Japanese sabtitole 

3. You should always set a goal and step by step. 

4. Talk to Japanese people. I am Japanese by the way. Lol


The most useful sentences of “How”

Meaning of “HOW”

How is (どのようにDono youni ,どのくらい Dono kurai ,しかた Shikata ,〜するか Suruka)

Japanese is a SOV ( Subject, Object  and Verb ) 

For example, I play soccer. → 私はサッカーをしてる。(Watashi )私 is I.  (Soccer)サッカー is soccer.  (Shiteru)してる is play. 


1. How are you? お元気ですか?(Ogenkidesuka?)


2. How many people? 何人ですか?(Nanninedesuka?)


3. How long does it take? 〜どのくらい掛かる?(Donokurai kakaru?)


4. How do you say? 〜なんていうの?(Nan te iuno?)


5. How  often do you go to the gym?   あなたはジムにどのくらい行くの?( Anatawa gym ni donokurai ikuno?)


6. How cute your   あなたは何て可愛いの(Anatawa nante kawaii no)


7. How does it work? どうやってやってるの(Do u yatte yatteruno?)


8. How tall are you? 身長は?(Shintiyou wa?)


9. How much is it ? いくらですか?(ikura desuka?)


10. Have a nice day よい一日を(Yoiitinitiwo)


The most popular sentences of ” WHAT” 

Meaning of What

What is (何 Nani 、何もの Nanimono、どんな人 Donna hito、どれくらい  Dorekurai)


1. What did you do yesterday? 昨日何をしてた?(Kinou naniwo shiteta?)


2. What do you do? 職業はなんですか?(Shokugyou wa nandesuka?)


3. What are you doing? 何してる?(Nanishiteru?)


4. What kind of food do you like? あなたは何の食べ物が好きですか?(Anatawa nanno tabemono ga sukidesuka?)


5. What did you say? 何て言いました?(Nannte iimashita?)


6. What is you are goal? あなたの目標は何ですか?(Anata no moku hyou wa nandesuka?)


7. What is your name? あなたのお名前は?(Anatano onamaewa?)


8. what do you think? あなたはどう思う?(Anatawa douomou)


9. What is your favorite color? あなたの好きな色は?(Anatano sukina irowa?)


10. What time is it? 何時ですか?( Nanji desuka?)


The most popular sentences of  “WHEN” 

Meaning of ” When”

When is (いつ Itsu、〜時Toki)


1. When are you free?   あなたはいつ空いてる?(Anatawa itsu aiteru?)


2. When is your birthday?   あなたの誕生日はいつ?(Anatano tanjilyou bi wa itsu)


3. When I went to Miami, I met 50cent   私はマイアミに行った時50centに会った(Watashi wa miami ni ittatoki 50cent ni atta)


4. When I was young I was fat   私は小さい時太っていた(watashiwa tiisaitoki futotte ita)


5. When you get home let me know   家に着いたら教えて(ieni tsu itar oshiete)


6. When did you buy this? あなたはこれをいつかいました?(Anatawa korewo itsu kaimashita?)


7. When will you come? あなたはいつ来る?(Anatawa itsu kuru?)


8. When will you go home? あなたはいつ家に帰る?(Anatawa itsu ienikaeru?)


9. When will the rain stop? 雨はいつ止む?(Amewa itsu yamu)


10. When I was your men 私があなたの彼だった時 (Watashiga anatano kare dattatoki)


Thank you guys for checking my page. I hope this page help you to learn Japanese. 

See You Son..



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