The most popular words in Japanese.

Hey guys. What do you this about Japanese? I think one of hardest language in the world. However, this page I only teach Japanese words that you can use in Japan right now. 

Before start I will tell you  1 thing that if you want to learn Japanese, you should learn from Native people…. 

This is my personal information. I am Takumi originally from Japan in Tokyo. I grow up One city in Tokyo. I moved to New York about 5 years ago. Therefore, I posted more Japanese words on my website and also I have Instagram that you can learn Japanese as well. So please check it out. 


(Native Japanese Language VS Native English)


A greeting top10


What’s up? → 元気(Genki)

Not much → まあまあだよ(Ma a ma a da yo)


How’s it going? → 調子はどう?(Choushi wa dou?)

I am going well → 調子はいいよ(Choushi wa iiyo)


How’s your day going?→ 今日はどんな感じ?(kyou wa donna kanji?) 

My day is going well → 今日はいい感じだよ(kyou wa ii kanji da yo)


How’s everthing? → 調子はどう?(Choushi wa dou?)

Everything good →最高だよ(Saikou da yo)


How have you been? → 元気だった?(Genki datta?)

I have been good → 元気だったよ(Genki datta yo)


Friendship words Top 10


What are you up to? → 何してるの?(Nani she teruno?)

I am doing homework → 宿題してる(Shukudai shiteru)


Do you have any plan for tonight? → 今日の夜何か予定ある?(Kyou no yoru nanika yotei aru?)

I do not have any plan → 何も予定ないよ(Nanimo yotei naiyo)


You wanna go out? → どこか行かない?(Do koka ikanai?)

I am down → いいよー(Iiyo)


Let’s meet up at 8pm at coffee store →8時にコヒーショップで(Hachi jini coffee shop de)

Cool → わかった(Wakatta)


See you soon bro → またあとで(Mata atode) 

Bro という意味は直訳すると兄弟です、しかし英語では友達などでも良く使う単語です。We not familir with “Bro” in Japan. 


Native Phrases. 

You know what I mean? → 分かるかな?(Wake guiana?)


You know what I am saying → 分かるでしょ(Wakaru desho)


I am starving → めっちゃ腹減った→ Metcha harahetta)


Just kidding → 冗談だよ(Jyoudan dayo)


Worth it → ムダじゃない(Muda janai) 


It’s not worth it → それはムダ(Sorewa muda)


Just chilling → くつろいでる(Kutsuroideru)


That’s Wassup → 最高だぜ(Saikou daze)


I messed up → 汚い OR しくじった(Kitanai OR Shikujitta)


Messenger words. 

LOL (Laughing out loud) → 笑(Wara)


Tbh (To be honest) → マジ or 本当(Maji OR Hontou)


ASAP ( As Soon As Posible) → マキで OR 早めで(Maki de OR Hayame de)


TGIF (Thank Got, It’s Friday) → 花金(Hanakin)


LMK ( Let Me Know) → 教えてね(Oshi ete ne)


IDK (I don’t know) → わからない(Wakaranai)


TY (Thank You) → ありがとう(Arigatou)


Thank You guys for checking. I hope this page helps you to learn Japanese. 

See you next time…….










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