Quotation In Japanese

Today is My favorite quotation in the world. Why I liked quotation because I can learn many things from people who are succeed people. I am always think about the most important things are work hard and make connection. 

However, the quotation is when you translet on internet usually does not make sense. So today is I am going to translate with some famous people of quotation also my favorite quotation too. 


Obama オバマ大統領

Yes we can  私達は出来る (Watashitachi wa dekirue)


Bill Gates 

If you born poor it’s not your mistake but if you die poor, it’s your mistake.

生まれた時貧しいのはあなたのせいではない。しかし、あなたが死ぬ時に貧しのはあなたのせいだ (Umare ta toki mazushii no wa anatano seide wa nai, shikashi anataga shi nu tokini mazushii nowa anatano seida)


Audrey Hepburn

Happy girls are the prettiest girls  幸せな女性は最も美しい (Shiawase na jyosei wa mottomo utsukushii)


Henry Ford 

Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently 失敗は、あなたをもっと立派な人間にさせてくれるチャンスである (Shippi wa, anat wo motto rippa na ningen ni sasete kureru chance)


Vitaly (YouTuber)

It’s your life it’s your choice あなたの人生はあなたが決めるんだ (Anatano jinsei wa Anata ga kimerunda)


Britney Spears

Never doubt yourself. Never change who you are. Don’t care what people think and just go for it.

絶対に自分を否定するな、絶対に自分の意思を変えるな、他の人を気にするな、ただあなたが思った通りに生きろ (zettaini jibun wo hiteisuruna, zettaini jibun no ishi wo kaeruna, hokano hito wo kinisuruna, tada anataga omotta tourini ikiro)


In this life only 2 things you never loose until you die. Smile and hope. So don’t give up you can speak Japanese One Day.

See You soon 



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