Relationship in Japanese

Hey guys today’s topic is Relation ship in Japanese. However, this Japanese for  when you find right parson in Japan you will use these sentences. So maybe it might be different with some countries. 

However, In Japan we do not have dating time like America. Only we do have relationship. 


This is most useful sentences for relationship or dating. 

Would you like to go out with me today? 今日は私と出かけませんか? (Kyou watashi to dekake masenka?)


I need talk to you something 話したい事がある(Hanashi tai koto ga aru)


What you want to talk about? 何を話したいの? (Nani wo hanashitaino?)


I will tell you when I meet you  会った時に話す (Atta tokini hanasu)


I like your fashion style 私あなたのファッション好きだよ (Watashi anata no fashion sukidayo)


I have been thinking about you  あなたの事をずっと考えてた (Anatano koto wo zutto kangaeteta)


I can’t stop thinking about you. Same. 


I love you  あなたのことが大好き ( Anatano kotoga Daisuki)


Would you be a my girlfriend? 私の彼女になってくれない? (Watashi no kanojyo ni natte kurenai?)


Would you marry me? 結婚してください(Kekkon shitekudasai)


This is all what I know about relationship words.Thank you so much for taking time and checking my website. 


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