This Japanese sentences for airport

Today is I will teach you Japanese for airport. Usually when you go to other country always asking same sentences at Airport. So do not worry about it. 

However, Japanese peoples are very worry about at immigration because we have to use english and explain about purpose of visit here. 

I guess everyone has same felling as us. So today is you can copy these senates and use at airport. 


What should I say at the Airport in Japan?  

Can I see you are passport? パスポートを見せてください? (Passport wo mise te kudasai?)


Where did you come from あなたは何処から来ましたか? (Anatawa doko kara kimashitaka?)


I came from Japan 日本から来ました (Nihon kara kimashita)


How long will you be here? どのくらい滞在しますか?(Donokurai taizai shimasuka?)


I will stay here for a week 私は1週間滞在します (Watashi wa i shukan taizai shimasu)


where will you stay at? あなたはどこに滞在しますか? ( Anatawa do ko ni taizai shimasuka?)


What is your occupation? あなたの職業は何ですか?(Anata no shokugyo wa nandesuka?)


Why did you come to Japan? あなたは何しに日本に来たのですか? (Anatawa  nanishini Nihon ni kitanodesuka?)


I came here for sightseeing  私は観光に来ました (Watashi wa kankouni kimashita)


Have a nice trip → 良い旅行を(Yoi Ryokou wo)


Just remember these sentences. Always they asking same expect some reasons. However, English is not my first language and also still I am learning. So if you do not understand. Please let me know.larning


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